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What does a Test Case mean?

IEEE Standard 610 (1990) defines test case as follows:

What is a Functional Test Case?

A test case which covers the specific functionality of the application can be termed as “Functional Test Case”. Functional test case is attached to a certain function or feature of the application and verifies if it produces the expected result as mentioned in the Business Specification or Functional Specification Document.

What should a Functional Test Case have?

These points are not specific to functional test cases and can be covered in normal test cases as well. However for writing a functional test it is recommended to cover the following:

  1. Description of the test case.
  2. Pre Conditions required.
  3. Steps required to execute the test.
  4. Expected Output.
  5. Actual Output.
  6. Remarks — In case, any additional info needs to be provided.
  1. Error log.
  2. Screenshot of the issue.
  3. Exact steps to reproduce the issue.

How to write a Functional Test Case?

Let’s take the example of login functionality and write a few test cases.



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