How to create a Bitbucket-hosted Git repository for Agilitest projects | Agilitest blog

What is Bitbucket?

Setting up an Agilitest project managed with Git

Creating an empty repository

Setting up an Agilitest project in the repository

First commit

  • A commit concerns only one task: a test maintenance, an evolution of an ATS test, a new ATS scenario, etc.
  • A commit does not break the consistency of the repository by preventing the execution of the tests or the campaign.
  • A commit must be associated with a concise and explicit message.

Possibilities offered by this configuration

  • Versioning of Agilitest projects and in particular of .ats files.
  • Collaborative work between several automation profiles on the same project, and in particular the notion of Merge.
  • Synchronisation of project folders between the Git repository, the automation roles, and the execution server. Git is thus a pillar of the CI/CD chain.




Codeless functional testing at scale is now a reality.

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Codeless functional testing at scale is now a reality.

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