How to manage large amount of tests with Agilitest

  • The ATS scripts it generates are in text format, readable, transferable and manageable in configuration management tools.
  • They are stored in directories which can be local or shared and on which the operating system tools are operative (searches, replacements …).
  • A test corresponds to an ATS script and you have no additional binaries, (obviously unless you use the graphic recognition).
  • VYou can use sub-scripts and share them between scripts.
  • Act on test management
  • Act on the granularity of the tests
  • Act on test data
  • Act on test execution environments

Test management

Flat management

Package management

Management by groups

  • Different functional areas of your application: groups allow a test to belong to several functional areas
  • Different execution priorities: depending on your delivery needs, it may be useful to restrict your test lists to make quick non-regressions, or to replay everything at night …
  • Different typing of tests: you can have tests which cover functionalities and which were carried out during the development of these, other tests can respond to the correction of a bug.
  • Execution environments: you can type your tests according to the environments on which you want to run them: different browsers, mobility.

The granularity of the tests

Test data

Each test creates its data

Data is created by the continuous integration system beforehand

Test execution environments

  • Several web browsers passing the browser name as an input variable.
  • A succession of mobiles with different graphic properties.
  • Lists of terminals which can vary from one execution to another
  • Different data files from one run to the next


  • There is a set of mechanisms which make it possible to provide a lot of pooling, re-use and combinatorics that are simple to implement in order to increase the testing capabilities.
  • The flexibility of ATS: text files, shared directories and possible mass editions allow you to quickly consider and implement changes.
  • Agilitest allows a great productivity and a speed of correction of tests which will allow you to easily manage all of these tests.




Codeless functional testing at scale is now a reality.

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Codeless functional testing at scale is now a reality.

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