How to use a Git repository as an Agilitest project source for Jenkins builds | Agilitest blog

Preparing the Agilitest project

For the purpose of this article, the Git repository is hosted at Bitbucket and has been initialized with a new empty Agilitest project by following the steps in the article Setting up a Bitbucket-hosted Git repository for Agilitest projects.

Creating the Jenkins job

The Jenkins server must be started and connected to Agilitest from the Tools menu. It can be a local Jenkins server installed by Agilitest, or a remote server managed by your administrator.

  • ./target/classes/assets/resources/lang/.gitkeep
  • ./target/classes/assets/resources/certs/.gitkeep
  • ./target/classes/assets/resources/images/.gitkeep
  • ./target/classes/assets/data/.gitkeep
  • ./target/report/.gitkeep
  • ./libs/.gitkeep
  • ./src/main/java/.gitkeep
  • ./src/main/scripts/.gitkeep
  • ./src/main/ats/subscripts/.gitkeep
  • ./src/assets/data/.gitkeep
  • ./src/assets/resources/lang/.gitkeep
  • ./src/assets/resources/certs/.gitkeep
  • ./src/assets/resources/images/.gitkeep

Configuring Jenkins

First, the machine running Jenkins must have Git installed. The Jenkins server must have the Git plugin. Then the git.exe executable must be configured in the Jenkins Manage Jenkins > Global Tool Configuration > Git > Path to Git executable. In this case we have set C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe.

Launching a build

When launching a build on the Jenkins job thus configured, you can follow the Clone operation of the Git repository orchestrated by Jenkins in the standard output ( Console Outpu t icon). The name of the last commit appears here.



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