#TestCulture 🦅 Episode 3 — Testing is everyone’s business!

2 min readFeb 13


In the past, testers were at the end of the chain, after a very complex V-cycle. Cycle times were increased by 𝟐𝟎%, while the acceptance phase tended to be even more shortened. 😰

Today, mentalities have not really changed, but it is more a question of mindset.😎

While Agility is used in all sorts of ways, a tester still accumulates dozens of tickets to test at the end of the sprint. 📈 The test phase is still the most compressible stage of the project. 🙁

We can quickly come to an amalgam: automating tests 🔁 = faster 🏃‍♂️ = more deliveries with more added value. 💢

Testing and quality in the broadest sense is a mindset that is adopted in the project from the design phase. 💭 It can be beneficial to support the tester from the specification phase and also to involve him in workshops, to give him time to adopt the right tools to collaborate.🤝

The tester’s job is not to retrieve code that he barely controls, on which he must work alone. ☝️ It is a commitment from all stakeholders to deliver a quality product with high added value. 💪

And you? What do you think about the role and the place of testers? 🧐



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Codeless functional testing at scale is now a reality.