Unit testing: A glimmer of hope | Agilitest blog

The necessity of unit testing

The impact that JUnit had on the industry of software development was tremendous. It was the first viable unit testing framework out there. Consequently, people slowly started to adopt unit testing. Still, it took a long time to gain traction. Even today in 2022, when I ask audiences at keynotes or talks I do at conferences for a show of hands about who writes unit tests, many people still don’t raise their hands. And that’s a shame.

Writing proper unit tests takes time

To be totally honest, it took me quite some time to get convinced of the effects and benefits of unit testing and, further down the road, test-driven development.

‘Not having unit tests is like smoking.’

Another challenge is that the benefits of having good unit tests are reaped in the long run. It only appears to you when you have had a codebase under control for maybe six months to a year. The ease and confidence with which you can change and extend a fully tested codebase is a joy. But only after time…



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Codeless functional testing at scale is now a reality.